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Our next meeting will be June 9th from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM at
Pacific Art Glass .

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  • Presides over all Chapter meetings.
  • Develops agendas for all Chapter meetings
  • Acts as liaison between Chapter and RD (regional director)
  • Keeps Chapter informed about ISGB issues of interest

Vice President:

  • Oversees Subcommittees
  • Administers and presides over all elections
  • Fulfills duties of President if/when necessary
  • In charge of confirming meeting venues


  • Presents oral reports to members during businessmeetings, provides written reports to board members.
  • Prepares and Submits all tax paperwork
  • Maintains Chapter checking account.


  • Keeps track of votes presented and made at meetings,
    and any other correspondence.
  • Presents minutes to the board within one week after
    the meeting for approval and amendments.
  • Sends minutes to regional directors and to the
    national office within 2 weeks via email
  • keeps notes of club meeting activities


  • organizes the dishes/drinks that are needed at each meeting
  • brings papergoods, utensils, etc needed to serve the food on/with


  • updates Membership roster
  • provides sign in sheet for each meeting for members and guests
  • provides name tags for everyone that signs in to wear (so we know who has paid)
  • maintains member roster and send updated roster out to board members within a week of each quarterly club meeting.
  • provides small change to accommodate payment of dues at the meeting

Raffle Chair:

  • supply raffle tickets for drawings
  • supply box or bag to put raffle stubs in and one for bead exchange drawing
  • will bring small change for raffle ticket sales
  • will bring small change to accommodate payment of dues at the meeting

Featured Artist Chairperson

  • Recruits and writes “Featured Artist” page for SCFS website
  • Featured Artist is a bio and story of SCFS members that runs quarterly


  • maintain website and update as needed


DeAnne Buchanan

We have a Quarterly Featured Artist! Please click here to read more about DeAnne Buchanan

beads of courage

Donations of handmade beads by Members of the ISGB and other bead artists are greatly appreciated. Donated handmade beads are given to children as they pass treatment milestones that are distinguished by a one-of-a-kind bead. For more info go to www.beadsofcourage.net.